My artistic practices center around visual discourses on sustainability and our climate’s future, among other environmental issues. In my work, technology is the theme as well as the method, as I address its impact through the use of state-of-the-art digital tools. 

To broaden my work’s impact, I cross media boundaries—often collaboratively—from photography to other visual art forms, sound art, creative writing, and performance. I prefer to provoke thoughts through what-if questions, satire, and humor over confrontational doom and gloom. In each series I create, I delve into scenarios by building worlds with their own rules and issues, not unlike approaches often seen in novels and movies. By immersing viewers in these worlds, I invite them to actively participate, observe, and think while having fun. 

Despite my conceptual approach, I keep my work aesthetically approachable. I consider this particularly important in an era when consumers of images are overly bombarded and desensitized. Drawing the viewers in with impactful compositions, I then provide them with plenty of visual details to retain their attention. What the viewers chew on turns out to be more than just eye candy—instead they are seeds of thought that will go home with the viewers and, hopefully, germinate into the awareness I set out to plant in their minds.